The 8fold Path of the Comfy NEET

No one ever said being a NEET was easy. Most people go their entire lives without having any choice as to how they spend their day and when you’re a NEET you get to be your own boss. This lack of direction per se is known to make people depressed. If you’re one of those people this post is for you. It’s a guide for how to live as a NEET, not how to become a NEET. Here are two different strategies for how to become NEET.


1. Healthy Diet: Some can live off potato chips and cola and be truly mentally healthy, but not most. Having high quality fuel is the basis for everything else you do in life, NEET or not. If you have your room and board provided for, you might just have to roll with the punches if you have no food. However, in America you can get food stamps easily if you just make sure you claim your race is either Black or Latino. I’ve applied for food stamps three times in the same state. The time I declared my race as White was the one time I did not receive food stamps. If you receive them, usually you’ll receive about $150/month. Of course, you can also receive $300/month by selling your plasma. Here is a simple, nutritious $100/month rough food budget breakdown:

$7 – 2 pounds of cheese
$8 – 60 eggs
$7 – 24 packs of ramen
$13 – 15 pounds of white rice
$5 – 5 bunches of kale
$5 – 10 pounds of carrots
$20 – 15 pounds of chicken
$10 – 5 pounds of canned salmon/mackerel
$5 – 2 pounds of barley
$3 – bananas
$7 – berries
$8 – 20 sheets of nori
$2 – pickles


While these are all extremely versatile ingredients, I end up eating ramen and rice every day. I’ll put the barley, kale, and chicken in the ramen. I’ll put the cheese, fish, and pickles or carrots in nori wrapped riceballs. Tear the nori into smaller pieces. A rice cooker is a very worthwhile investment. You can also steam eggs, vegetables, and stuff like quinoa in them. They are also great for cooking chili. When I don’t feel like preparing anything I’ll have bananas, carrots, raw nori and pickles, or a handful of berries as a snack. Yeah, it’s not particularly interesting and you’ll be eating the same basic meals every day, but remember this is just a basic guideline. You’ll have to do most of your shopping at Walmart, Aldi, or some similar cheap store of course. I tend to find great deals at Asian food stores, but for some reason Hispanic food stores typically are overpriced.

Luckily, because you’re a NEET you can spend all day shopping for the best deals! I usually spend more than $100/month on food and I try to find sales and buy in bulk. This assumes a 1800 kcal/day diet which is really all you ought to be eating anyway if you’re not body-building. I also advise that you take a fast day or two per month, but mostly for the mental health benefits, not to save money. In case it’s not clear strive to not buy everything at once. I use that $100 grocery list as a rough guide and total I spend about $130/month on food, with the remaining $30 being spent on treats like frozen pizza or things that give my meals more variety like sesame seeds. I’ll mix it up and buy no chicken or no fruit sometimes and use that money to purchase other things.

By no means should this budget/diet be considered gospel. The dirty secret of nutritional science is that it’s still in its infancy and even if it wasn’t, everybody has a unique body with its own nutritional requirements. There is no “food pyramid” that works for everyone. Some people are legitimately healthier as vegans, some people are legitimately healthier as carnivores. Most of the people in the world cannot consume dairy. I personally am healthier when I have relatively large amounts of carbs. In order to find what diet works for you, you need to experiment. If you’re unhappy, one of the easiest things to experiment with that can potentially fix you is your diet. The point of the budget I outlined was to demonstrate that you CAN eat healthy for cheap.



2. Proper Maintenance: Training might seem like a more intuitive pursuit. Putting in effort to get better makes sense. But a depressingly large number of people never consider that you must also put effort into simply maintaining yourself. Fortunately, maintenance is typically far easier than training even though you have to do more of it. Grooming, having good posture, organizing your computer files, etc all have positive mental effects. In my experience people tend to assume that doing this stuff only matters if you’re trying to impress other people, but in truth doing this stuff will make you feel better even in isolation.

While it’s true that everyone has different tolerances for disarray, the vast majority of people are happier when they put their living space in order. I’m not the biggest fan of Jordan Peterson, but he makes a strong case for the benefits of cleaning your room. I suspect many wagecucks who are too tired to take care of themselves suffer immensely from not properly maintaining their living space. You don’t have a job so you ought to use that free-time to maximize your maintenance. If you’re living with a roommate, you will get along better if you take the initiative to keep your shared place clean. Remember, you are a NEET AND an adult. You can’t expect anyone to clean up after you… even if you’re living with your parents.


Another aspect of maintenance almost everyone ignores is optimizing your surroundings. Be aware of your actions. Are you putting up with minor inconveniences like a squeaky door or a trash can that’s a bit too far away from your desk to be convenient or an obnoxiously bright overhead light? Why? Suffering is not virtuous. Change your environment in a way that benefits you. You can’t be a Comfy NEET if you’re not comfy after all. Don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture if you have an idea to improve your room. Tragically, most wagecucks have this natural behavior beaten out of them. Whenever they try to alter and improve the corporate-approved operating procedure, they get reprimanded. They are trained to not rock the boat; to not experiment. Us NEETs can sometimes have these bad habits too so try to break free of the pattern.

Some people swear by nofap but I think that it’s only useful for men who have extremely low testosterone levels. Otherwise, it’s counterproductive. Orgasms are one of the most crucial necessities of life right after food and water. For a long time humans didn’t even have shelter. But we always had orgasms. If you can’t do it with another person, do it with yourself. Don’t spend hours and hours fapping. But fap regularly, otherwise you’ll be more emotional and more impulsive. Women should be orgasming regularly as well. If you are having difficulty orgasming with a partner you need to take responsibility for your own pleasure. Regular orgasms are just another form of self-maintenance.



3. Focused Training: Now that your body is full of healthy energy and your house is in order, it’s time to spend that energy improving yourself! Some people consider working out “work” because it’s something they wouldn’t do without getting paid. Unfortunately, you are a biological organism, not a VR avatar. You have to exercise in order to be happy and function properly. Likewise, you have to exercise your mind. If it helps, you can think of it like more maintenance. You don’t need to do that much. This is how I take care of myself: I walk everywhere and do HIIT twice a week. Occasionally I’ll do yoga, bodyweight, or dumbbell exercises while I’m watching TV or taking a break from my computer.

A lot of people hate running for the first month of doing it, but end up getting addicted to it after that. And by full month I mean 30 minutes of running (not walking), 3 days a week, 4 weeks in a row. Endorphins are literally opiates. If you’re selling your plasma or have some cash to spend, try to find your local YMCA, Planet Fitness, or cheap college gym. No one gives a shit if you look silly in the gym, plus there is nothing stopping you from throwing on some inspirational shit like Alan Watts and doing body weight exercises in your bedroom. I did exactly that when I lived with my parents and got in great shape. Just buy some 10kg dumbbells and a pull-up bar. Or make your own with a bag full of rocks and a tree branch. Just make sure your heart rate goes up considerably and that you’re soaked in sweat. Half-assing your work out is doing yourself a disservice.


But I accept the fact that some people just don’t produce as many endorphins as others. I get endorphins real easily which, ironically, makes it harder to exercise because after 20 minutes I’m not able to focus quite as well on my training. Perhaps it would help if you exercised via a sport so you’re not focused on the pain of getting in shape quite as much. You can usually just show up to a local basketball court or soccer field and find pick-up games. It’s easy to find beer leagues in most cities for anything from cricket to kickball these days. If you can’t find one, start one. But fuck team sports. Save up money for a year and pick up a mountain board or a regular skateboard or a set of disc golf discs. Absolutely no money or too undisciplined to save up? Start tricking or bouldering or breakdancing. All these can be enjoyed by yourself and there is a community available once you feel confident enough to engage with it. The focus on the game/technique/social interaction distracts you from the pain of exercise.

You must not neglect training your mind as well. Choose a book, fiction or non-fiction, and read it to completion a few pages at a time. Try to break your record for reading a certain number of pages in a day. Reading trains your attention retention ability as well as your imagination. Learning a new language is a more productive thing to do on your phone to kill time than aimlessly browsing facebook. Check out some educational youtube channels or Khan Academy or Coursera courses. Again, you don’t really even need to push yourself that hard. Just have enough discipline to do a little bit every day. Ultimately you train your mind more by building discipline than by actually gaining knowledge. Most people need to be forced by others in order to improve themselves. NEETs do not. Hell, it’s the very first thing in the NEET Pledge.



4. Interesting Projects: It’s important to make clear how I’m defining “work”. The work in “You work, you lose” refers exclusively to activities you would not do for free. You can technically get paid to have sex, but I’m sure you wouldn’t call it work if you actually want to fuck that person. Anyway, just like healthy diet, proper maintenance, and focused training, interesting projects are necessary for you to feel mentally healthy. You should only work on things you enjoy though.

This is probably the facet of the 8fold Path I’m least able to provide guidance on for you. If you really don’t know what you want to explore, think back to your childhood. What were you thinking about before someone came along and told you how to live your life? Focus on that and take it as far as you can. In my case, it was game design and writing, so that’s what I do.

You have to consider your values as well. Your long-term goals. For instance, I want to normalize NEETdom. I wish to see the world change in that way so I decided to become the change I wanted to see by making this blog. Obviously I want you to be part of my project, but maybe it’s not your thing (contact me if it is though). Maybe you want to teach people and run a hacking dojo. Maybe you want to dominate at soccer. Maybe you want to write the next great American novel. Maybe you want to become a gourmand who puts Guy Fieri to shame. Maybe you want to be a guerilla life coach. Maybe you want to volunteer for your favorite political organization. Maybe you want to grow a garden. Point is, YOU have to figure that out for yourself. There is something though, and if you’re like most people, you’ll be happier by attempting to self-actualize a self-assigned goal. You don’t need some boss barking orders at you. Try to find your ikigai.

https _blogs-images.forbes.com_chrismyers_files_2018_02_ikigai-1.jpg.png


5. Good Friends: A lot of NEETs think they need money to have friends. That couldn’t be further from the truth. For starters if you get really involved with a project that you’re interested in, you’re likely to attract friends. People (men especially) bond over working towards shared goals.

New Bitmapdfds Image

Remember that you’re a human and humans are social creatures. Socialization is ultimately more maintenance. Unless you have a mental disorder, you NEED to socialize. You don’t necessarily have to interact with other people in meatspace though. Most people completely discount online socialization. In practice, there is correlation between being mentally unhealthy and getting the bulk of your socialization online. Those people are just doing it wrong though. Socialization is fundamentally individuals exchanging information (oddly similar to sex, eh?). When you’re talking to people in person you are constantly exchanging tons of information without lifting a finger. Your body language, your smell, references to the physical context of the situation, etc. Due to this fact, you can get all the mental benefits of socialization irl by doing little more than passively agreeing with people.

If you want to get the same mental health benefits of socialization online, you can’t just type “lol ikr”. Every post you make in a forum needs to have content that contributes to the discussion. You need to format links properly or attach relevant images to make the information you’re trying to convey as easy to process as possible. You don’t have all that bonus data you’d have irl, therefore you must put in 10 times the effort in order to get the same benefits from online interaction. Instant messaging requires less effort than forum posting, voice requires less effort than text, VR requires less effort than voice, etc. You condense fact from the vapor of nuance.

This means anonymous online communities can, in fact, satiate that innate need for socialization. It can be a little more difficult to get into but you’re sure to meet loads of interesting and intelligent people in your net travels. They usually end up connecting you to even more online communities and instant messaging chatrooms if you hang around long enough. Finding a place that’s right for you takes time and only you can find the place you belong. If you’re looking for suggestions, reddit, 8chan, and 420chan are my 3 mains. Make sure to check out the brand new NEETpride discord server!

Don’t think for a second you have to restrict your friendship to the human race. Hopefully you have pets, but even if you don’t stray animals aren’t too hard to come across. Offer them food and let them come to you. It’s much more difficult than making friends with humans believe it or not. A chill pet gives you a small amount of responsibility which tends to help NEETs too. Interacting with your pet is more mentally stimulating than vegging out on passive entertainment yet is comparably stress-free. Having a pet is like a loophole in the system. You can get all the touch you need from your little roommate.



6. Active Entertainment: While the first 5 topics can certainly be pleasurable, they are more about self-maintenance than pleasure. If you’re a NEET, hell, if you’re a living being, you should be enjoying life to the fullest. A computer, smartphone, e-reader, and a hackable handheld gaming console like a PSP are very conducive to this. If you like books, is where I get all mine.

If you like video games even a little bit, you will never run out of 10/10 games to play. Get involved in the emulation scene to have access to every game PS2 generation and earlier plus a great deal of game from the PS3 generation to now. I’m sure you can easily find whatever you’re looking for but here is the best place to start your journey:

Would you like to play something a little newer? Try or Note that searching for sites on your own can be risky business. There are tons of look-a-like sites that will just cause you to download a virus. The links I’m providing are totally safe. Always practice good operational security though by making sure to run any suspect files (especially ANY .exe) through

Don’t have a computer or a console? There’s no reason you can’t get into smartphone apps. Good ones can be tricky to find but they’re there. PUBG Mobile is legitimately fun. It even has pseudo-VR by letting you aim spinning around irl. Evil Apples is basically digital Cards Against Humanity. It’s another great game to play while watching TV. Download Google Rewards and fill out the short surveys to rack up a couple bucks to spend on paid apps. Make sure you don’t lie because Google actually will prevent you from using the app if you get caught lying. Once you have some money saved up, spend it on whatever apps you want, but what I spent it on is Raiden Legacy, Organ Trail, and, uh, Neko Atsume.

A traditional NEET past-time is lounging on the floor with a handheld gaming console and spending an afternoon lost in a virtual world, playing til the battery is drained. Even better, you can play handheld games WHILE watching TV or listen to podcasts while playing an FPS on your computer. With some snacks at your side, a laid-back JRPG in your hand, and a familiar comedy show on TV, you’ll understand true NEET nirvana.



7. Passive Entertainment: Sometimes you’re not in the mood for video games. Sometimes you just want to relax. If the past century is any indication, we love our video media. With all that choice it can be tricky to figure out what to watch. Even Netflix alone can be overwhelming (not to mention, shit). And how can you watch TV for cheap? Don’t you get fined for torrenting these days? Only if you don’t have a $100/year VPN. If you want to things that way /r/trackers will help get you started. Here’s my media diet.

When I want to find a new show to watch, the first place I go is This nifty little site has the schedule for most high-profile shows that are currently airing. You can track your favorites and click on wikipedia links for every single show. Once I find a good show, I’ll head to a scene release site, I actually don’t use a VPN, I use this site to download most of my media. There is zero chance of getting busted by your ISP when you download from a scene release site like this. The catch? You gotta download the files within a few hours of them being uploaded because the file storage sites quickly find and delete them. There will often be full movies and popular shows from Netflix as well as cable television. All free, all legal. If you want a better chance of finding something that aired a while ago, try

Anime is a surprisingly controversial topic for some reason. Many seem to hate it with a passion that rivals Hitler’s hatred for Jews. But like it or not anime is a cornerstone of NEET culture. NEETpride might have originated in America, but NEETdom per se originated in Japan. For my anime fix I use 3 sites:,, and the infamous Poke around until you find something you like or get suggestions from and Don’t forget to install the Ublock Origin add-on to hide some of the ads (although you’ll have to turn it off for In general, I watch comedy shows. If you’re depressed considered incorporating more comedy into your media diet. It’s scientifically proven that laughing and smiling improves your physical well-being.

Sometimes you just can’t be arsed to even make a choice to find something to watch. I got you covered fam! There are plenty of streaming sites that show everything you could possibly want to watch. Not just watching other people play video games on (although it’s better than you might expect). First up we have At any given time there are about 50 channels run by individuals who play whatever they want, from youtube videos to feature films to live news coverage. Every single channel has a built-in chatroom for you to discuss what’s currently airing. I’ve spent many a drunken evening shitposting with strangers here. If you’re looking for something that works more like traditional television, with commercials and all, is for you. Their UI is fantastic. I’m partial to the Surf Channel and the Animals Channel. I watch with regularity too although I think people’s preferences vary too much in this regard for me to provide you with any useful information about it.

New Bitmap Image


8. Dank Drugs: Like anime, drugs aren’t for everyone. There is no way to know if drugs are for you until you try. The important thing is not to be afraid and to be open-minded in all endeavors. If drugs are for you don’t think for a second that you have to forgo them because you’re a NEET. Maybe it goes without saying but human beings literally evolved to get high. There is good reason the organ that does the bulk of the drug metabolizing, the liver, is one of our only organs that regenerates. Total, I spend about $120/month on drugs which I make from selling my plasma.

Alcohol is the gateway drug for many. If you’re drinking booze, try to think of it as a drug and not a beverage. You’re not drinking it for the taste. Be honest; you’re drinking it to get drunk. In the picture below, look at the little grey unit price the vertical arrows are pointing to. Actually all food in the supermarket will have that information. It seems like few people utilize this information or are aware of it at all. Don’t forget to look at the alcohol percentage as well. If it’s too strong for you, you can always cut it with water. This has the added benefit of stretching your alcohol stash and preventing hangovers! Again, if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re not drinking this for the taste. You can drink all the overpriced liquor you want when you win the lottery. Not when you’re a NEET. I spend about $40/month on alcohol which amounts to 80 of those 8% beers/month. Another very important thing to keep in mind is that each beer is about 180 calories, so you can supplement your diet with 3 or 4 beers per day.


Many NEETs swear by coffee and nicotine. I’m not big on either but I will slam the occasional energy drink and, while I use nicotine-free e-juice, I like to vape. A $20 bottle of vape juice lasts me a full month. If you’re hopelessly physically addicted to caffeine do NOT drink energy drinks though. I only have one a month. I know some NEETs who buy one every other day. That might not seem like much, but they add up quickly. Just get some cheap instant coffee and some sugar. The fact is you’re not drinking that cup of coffee every morning because you like the taste. It’s because you get a splitting headache if you don’t have it. It’s completely socially acceptable to be addicted to caffeine and dirt cheap coffee is available, so you can get away with being a NEET who is addicted to caffeine.

Weed is rapidly becoming legal all over the world. The vast majority of people enjoy this drug. It’s important to remember that, like with anything else, it can be abused. Most other drugs have a hangover, withdrawal, or tolerance that naturally prevents you from going overboard. Not so with weed. Make sure to give yourself the occasional break and to use your time wisely. Even if you’re merely watching cartoons when you’re high,  make sure you are doing what you intend to. Don’t lose control of your time. Ultimately, losing control of your time makes you no better than a wagecuck. For the record, I spend about $50/month on weed.

It’s not for everyone, but consider giving the legal dissociative dextromethorphan a try. DXM is one of my personal favorite drugs but apparently only about a third of population has sufficient quantities of the CYP2D6 enzyme which is required to really enjoy the effects. A dissociative like ketamine or DXM sort of separates your mind from your body. While psychedelics heighten your senses, dissociatives dull them. The counterintuitive result of this is you approach the world more objectively when you’re on them. On LSD petting a cat makes you feel connected to that creatures soul, makes you question the nature of reality, and it feels like the best thing in the world. On DXM petting a cat feels warm, furry, and seems like an unusual behavior to engage in. It’s hard to explain so you’ll just have to give it a try yourself. Make sure the only active ingredient in the cough medicine you find  is dextromethorphan HBr. The Dollar General store in America has the cheapest source of DXM that I’ve found at $1/225mg. I spend about $10/month on DXM and trip twice a month. If consuming all those pills makes you a bit too nauseous, you might want to look into Robocough.


For anything more exotic than that, you’re best off using darknet. You need bitcoin to do this and your need tor to access them. Other sites are better suited to teaching you how to buy drugs off the internet, and the methodology is constantly getting improved. Sites are constantly getting seized by the feds and new scams are constantly appearing, so use these sites at your own peril. There is also the world of legal nootropics which I may explore in a later post.


I know there are a lot of depressed NEETs and I know that doesn’t have to be the case. The 8fold Path of the Comfy NEET has always worked for me. Maybe it can work for you too. If you have any questions or if there is anything you’d like me to elaborate on, comment on this post or contact me!



3 thoughts on “The 8fold Path of the Comfy NEET”

  1. I wish I was a NEET. Wagecucking for 50+ hours a week is a horrible, horrible fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone. How is it the standard now?? The hours go up, the pay stays the same but of course your bills go up too. Not only do I not get paid for lunch, but I have to work my lunch time back.

    I don’t understand how any NEET can say they are bored. True boredom is walking into an office at 8:45 with the bossman sitting behind you watching everything you do, prepping yourself for another 9 damn hours of confinement to your chair and desk while people moan at you over email, phone and in person. Opening up your damn email to see an invite to another damn pointless idiot hour long meeting.

    I want to beat the shit out of everyone who enforces this shit. FUCK. WAGECUCKING. I WISH I WAS NEET!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s funny because my brothers are the polar opposite of me with regards to employment. One works in a high-stress tech job, while the other works a high-stress military job. They never spend any of their money outside of mandatory bills. I’m well aware of how much work sucks despite not holding a job in 5 years.

      I do understand why so many NEETs claim to be “bored” though. They’re simply depressed and are exhibiting anhedonia. So many people don’t understand that even if you want to, you can’t sit in a chair and consume passive entertainment all day. Well, you can, but the consequence will be an unhealthy mind and body. Most jobs aren’t too much better in this regard which is why those depressed NEETs who think getting job will fix all their problems are rarely correct.

      Keep speaking up about the truth of wagecucking. If you feel sufficiently passionate about this, you’re invited to write a short guest column about the truth of wagecucking (contact me via the contact form on this site). Given I don’t have as much firsthand experience, it’d be wrong for me to author it.


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